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Forklift Hydraulic Cylinder

The forklift series cylinders include tilt cylinders, lift cylinders, power steering cylinders, and the like.

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Forklift Hydraulic Cylinder

Mobile hydraulics are one of the main components found in forklift trucks, providing the power to maneuver the forks, for example. The forklift series cylinders include tilt cylinders, lift cylinders, power steering cylinders, and the like.


Our forklift cylinders feature a rugged, consistent design made to withstand the rigors of warehouse transportation.Like all of our products, our steel forklift cylinders are of the highest quality. Our forklift cylinders provide a return on your investment through savings in handling, repairs, maintenance and customer preference. Because of our competitive pricing and proven customer support, our forklift cylinder quality and value are tough to beat.



The lift cylinder(s) accepts the largest volume of fluid flow or gallons-per-minute (GPM). It is a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, pushing in only one direction. The control valve directs fluid to the cylinder and rod when placed in lift position.



The tilt cylinder is a double-acting hydraulic cylinder, meaning it can both push and pull its load. Generally, there are two tilt cylinders on the forklift, connecting the left and right stationary rails of the upright assembly to the frame. This feature provides uniform control when tilting forward or reverse and prevents the upright from flexing from side to side when the forklift is operating.



The power steering cylinder is a double-acting cylinder that is able to exert equal force in opposite directions. This is necessary to push the wheels in two directions for left or right turns. In electric forklifts, the power steering hydraulic components operate off a separate pump. In internal combustion forklifts, the power steering components operate off the same pump used for the other hydraulic components.


We offer the industry's largest selection of steel forklift cylinders. Features include:

Superior durability and economy

Two-piece construction with one horizontal weld for a stronger, better-looking cylinder with less chance of leakage

Designed for lightweight strength

Rugged, damage-resistant all-steel construction

Rust-inhibiting powder coat paint

Economical product line

Outstanding delivery and service

Multiple valve configurations adaptable to customer needs

Dry, clean interiors

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