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JSRUIYA Hydraulic Machinery Quality Control

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QC Profile

JSRUIYA Hydraulic Cylinder Quality Control:


To work according to the highest industry standards and regulations, in order to deliver the best quality product.


1.Examination of raw materials before the processing.
  Purchace the raw material and spare parts with first class quality and to guarantee that we work long-term suppliers and inspect each batch to make sure all the material and components with high quality.
2.Precise accordance of product to the drawings provided.
  Spot check for each steps:cutting, lathe, drilling, CNC, welding, grinding, assemble, painting.
3.100% cylinders finished hydro-pressure test before painting.
  Our test content mainly including samples test,performance test,reliability test,disassemble test,endurance test.
4.Visual inspection at every production stage.
  100% quality control of hydraulic cylinders is carried out on every stage of production.
5.Ongoing employee qualification training.


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