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Why choose JSRUIYA Hydraulic?

May 19, 2020
01. Metal materials
For the manufacture of hydraulic cylinder liners, seamless precision pipes which all welding parts are welded before internal processing begins (which allows to avoid disturbing the geometry of hydraulic cylinders sleeves when welding parts) processed by rolling, which achieves high accuracy, quality and hardening of the inner surface of the liner, increasing wear resistance and their service life compared to honed and welded imported pipes and used by other manufacturers.
02. Polymer materials
Polymer sealing elements are used as rod and piston seals. Optimum roughness of the outer surface of the stem is achieved by rolling (hardening the outer surface of the stem, which increases wear resistance and their service life) with carbide rollers followed by the application of a wear-resistant coating - hard chrome.
03. Forged technology
One-forged rear covers, eyelets, one-piece forged rods are used, which also ensures high reliability of operation of hydraulic cylinders in extreme conditions compared to competitors.
04. Quality managment
100% of the manufactured products pass acceptance tests in a special test bench under maximum pressure.
The quality management system is certified for compliance with ISO 9001: 2015
05. High performance
Strong market position in agriculture and construction equipment company. Production capacities allow production of serial batches of up to 15000 pcs per month.
We work hard and try our best to provide our customers reliable quality and competitive price, with fast response to all end users and distributors, to make sure our customers go ahead in every competitive market, now JSRUIYA has become the pioneer of excellent Hydraulic Cylinders and Pneumatic Cylinders in China.
Direct manufacturers、Professional production、Quality assurance、Support customization.