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Who we are?

March 10, 2020
JSRUIYA Hydraulic Machinery is a leader in hydraulic cylinder design and manufacturing.
For over 10 years, JSRIUYA has served OEMs in a wide range of industries with custom and innovative cylinder solutions. We have the experience serving a diverse mix of equipment applications in:
> Agriculture
> Construction
> Forestry
> Industrial Manufacturing
> Marine
> Material Handling
> Mining
> Oil and Gas
> Transportation
> Waste Management
JSRUIYA’s range of cylinder products and services include:
> Smart Sensor Cylinders
> Stabilizer Cylinders
> Truck & Trailer Hoist Cylinders
> Thumb Cylinders
> Synchronizing Cylinders
> Telescopic Cylinders
> Heavy Duty & Oversize Cylinders
JSRUIYA's success is built on its engineering and technical expertise. Our team establishes a close technical rapport with the experts in your organization. Together we determine precise cylinder fit and function parameters critical to your equipment’s operation. JSRUIYA prides itself on building quality cylinders through an ISO 9001 registered system, and carefully plans deliveries based on your specific inventory and production timing needs.
JSRUIYA has become synonymous with quality built, reliable cylinder solutions. Join the organizations that trust their reputation and equipment performance on the JSRUIYA name!
We are your Hydraulic Cylinder Specialists!