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OEM Double Ended Power Steering Hydraulic Cylinder

OEM Double Ended Power Steering Hydraulic Cylinder

  • High Light

    Welded steering hydraulic cylinder


    15Mpa power steering cylinders


    OEM double ended steering cylinder

  • Style
    Custom Hydrualic Cylinder
  • Type
    OEM&ODM Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Bore Size
  • Rod Size
  • Stroke
  • Installation Distance
  • Test Pressure
  • Working Pressure
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO 9000:2016
  • Model Number
    OEM&ODM Hydraulic Cylinder40×20×50×350
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden box, iron box
  • Delivery Time
    15-50 Days
  • Payment Terms
    Western Union, T/T, L/C
  • Supply Ability
    30,000 Pieces/Year

OEM Double Ended Power Steering Hydraulic Cylinder


OEM Customized welded double acting steering hydraulic cylinder

Welded Hydraulic Cylinders For All Industries
We specialize in the manufacture and supply of custom-built, welded hydraulic cylinders for a variety of industries and can craft custom hydraulic cylinders for any application imaginable. If your hydraulic cylinder requires small quantities (one-time or repetitively) or short lead times, we can accommodate your needs. For large quantities, our precision and repeatability is second to none.


OEM Double Ended Power Steering Hydraulic Cylinder 0


OEM Double Ended Power Steering Hydraulic Cylinder 1

Hydraulic Cylinder Components


These cylinders are comprised of several components that work together to produce a linear force. The main components include:


Cylinder barrel: The barrel acts as the housing of the cylinder, and its primary function is to contain the device’s pressure. Made from honed steel tubes, cylinder barrels are durable and feature a smooth inside surface.
Cylinder base: The base, or the cap, encloses the cylinder pressure at one end. The base is connected to the barrel through bolts or threads.
Cylinder head: The machine head encloses the cylinder pressure chamber at the other end. It often features a seal or a seal gland.
Piston: The primary function of the piston is to act as a separation of the pressure zones. Inside the barrel, the pressure zones must be disconnected to function correctly.
Piston rod: The piston rod is crucial to the functionality of every hydraulic cylinder. Most rods are made from a chrome-plated finished steel bar which is machined with a precise cutting blade. The steel bar diffuses the power generated by the piston to the device component.
Seal gland: The seal gland is equipped with seals to prevent leaks. Seal glands can be easily removed from the cylinder head, allowing for easy upgrades.
Other components of a cylinder include the head, gaskets, and various other seals to prevent leaks


We can manufacture according to the detailed drawings you offer. If you don’t have drawings, you can tell us your specific requirements. Our engineers will design production plans to meet your exact expectations.Or you can offer us your sketch diagram or photos so that we could understand you exactly meaning, help us avoid mistakes.
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