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Double-Ended Cylinders

September 15, 2020

Double Ended Hydraulic CylindersUsed as a steering cylinder for a wide range of mobile applications

What are Double-end hydraulic cylinders?

A Double-Ended Cylinders this a type of double action cylinder with the piston in the center and a rod extending out both ends for the purpose of attaching and moving a load accordingly. This type of cylinder can be mounted at the head ends or in the center.The double-ended hydraulic cylinder is commonly used as a steering cylinder, and they can generate force in both directions.

Where Are Double-Ended Cylinders Used?

Common application is a steering cylinder. Attachments can be as simple as shaft through holes and more sophisticated with spherical ball joints for side load and movement freedom.

What the Industries Use Double-Ended Cylinders?

Steering axles for a wide range of mobile applications, including:

(1)Construction Machinery cylinders for: loaders, excavator, forklift, bulldozer, dumper, roller, crane ,pump truck,garbage truck,garbage compactor and boat used hydraulic cylinder etc.

(2)Metallurgical Machinery cylinders for: decelerator, tile press etc.

(3)Mining Machinery cylinders for: crasher, coal cutter shield tunneling machine and dame gate etc.

(4)Agricultural & forestry machinery cylinders for: soil preparation machine, harvester, weeder etc.

At JSRUIYA Hydraulic Machinery, our focus is on providing you, the OEM with top quality hydraulic cylinders for use in construction, automotive and agricultural machinery. Our products range from standard double acting cylinders to the more specialist option like the double-ended cylinder.

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