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JSRUIYA Hydraulic Cylinder Tube Design

September 14, 2020
The cylinder tube is the main part of the hydraulic cylinder. It forms a sealed cavity with the end cover, the cylinder bottom and the oil port to accommodate the pressure oil. At the same time, it is also the movement "track" of the piston.
When designing the hydraulic cylinder tubes, the size of each part should be correctly determined to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder has enough output force, movement speed and effective stroke, but also must have a certain strength, can withstand the hydraulic pressure, loading force and unexpected impact.
In addition, the inner surface of the cylinder block should have suitable fit accuracy, surface roughness and geometric accuracy to ensure the tightness and smoothness of the hydraulic cylinder.
JSRUIYA Hydraulic Cylinder Tube:
According to the work pressure,work temperature,work situation and other special requirements,different cylinder tube will be choosed.
Cylinder Tube:cold drawn precision seamless steel tube,hot rolled seamless steel tube,forged tube.
Tube Material: SAE1020(20#) , SAE1045(45#) ,16Mn(Q345B),27SiMn,etc.
Surface Roughness:R0.16-0.32μm
Inside Chromating:If necessary,inside tube will be chromated.
JSRUIYA Hydraulic cylinder tube
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